The OutLove Racism web site log files contain the IP address of visitors to the site along with other information such as the browser being used, pages visited and actions taken on the site. This information is used internally to optimize site performance and improve effectiveness. This information is also used to update displays describing the number, timing, and type of visits and responses made to incidents on the site. This information is shared with other organizations only in summary form.

The Nexus allows participants to provide monetary support to itself and to other organizations through PayPal. PayPal collects banking and other personal information according to its own privacy policy and shares contact information with OutLove Racism when it sends payments. OutLove Racism keeps this contact information and payment details stored separately from its own participant data and uses it for correspondence with donors to provide contribution information and to resolve payment issues. This data is not shared with other organizations (except, where required, the IRS).

The Nexus also allows participants to use the Facebook API or the Twitter API to construct and post status updates and tweets; these APIs collect additional information and use it according to their privacy policies.

The Nexus allows participants the option to sign up using OutLove Racism partner IDs that can be linked to email addresses. These email addresses are stored for the purpose of providing requested follow-up or notifications and are not shared with other organizations. The IDs are used to track and display the response history of partners.

This policy may be updated from time to time. Updated versions will be posted here and will be effective immediately. Updated 9/18/2019.