Where we fit

Many active organizations consistently seek to reduce world-wide racially-motivated acts of hatred as well as institutional and systemic racism.  While sharing the same vision of Dr. King’s beloved community where persons with different backgrounds live together in harmony, these organizations have a range of goals, assumptions, approaches, regions and groups of focus.

For OutLove Racism,

  • The primary goal is to increase support for the fight against racism, through individuals’ training, actions, and monetary gifts to organizations that effectively fight racism.
  • The primary assumption is that more people desire to show love to people who are racially different from them than who desire to do harm.
  • The primary approach is as follows:
    • Identify and highlight racist acts in the physical and online worlds,
    • For each act, select effective organizations and individual actions to reduce its future prevalence (through the legal system, advocacy, and public education) and offset its impact (by acting to promote equality of access to individuals of the offended group),
    • Encourage individual actions and working in partnership with other organizations to cover each act of hatred with many more acts of love, and
    • Announce the sum total of such responses in relevant online forums to show the wealth of response both to the offenders and to the offended.
  • The intended outcomes are as follows (in decreasing order of focus):
    • Educate partnering individuals to provide improved understanding of and sensitivity to both aggressive racism and institutional and systemic racism.
    • Increase the number of allies for existing organizations that have proven effective at (a) reducing the prevalence of racism, (b) promoting equality of access for persons who have been disadvantaged, or (c) educating the public about racism.
    • Increase positive engagement between persons with racial differences.
    • Contribute to the eradication of institutional and systemic racism through sustained and focused action from a large number of participants.
    • Reduce future acts of hatred by those who would discriminate against others because they see the large positive impact from love responses to each such act.

Although the initial racism of focus is White against African American, this is expected to expand as OutLove Racism gains expertise and resources, with inclusion of racism between different groups within the U.S. expected to be engaged next.  This is not intended to imply that other groups don’t experience impacts of racism, but rather to reduce the experience and resources required for an effective initial launch.

OutLove Racism intends not to engage in the following:

  • Calling out individuals, organizations, or particular political parties as racist for their shame and punishment.
  • Support for violent actions against racists.