OutLove Racism’s board has appointed an executive committee to select which incidents to highlight based on the following criteria:

  • Sources: Each incident includes a reference to the primary source. Sources include national and regional news organizations (both liberal and conservative) and national centers.
  • Groups: The initial focus for OutLove Racism is on White against Black/African American racism, so the responses and supported organizations also focus on these groups. This is not intended to imply that other groups don’t experience impacts of racism, but rather to reduce the expertise and resources required for an effective initial launch. Incidents are limited to match this focus.
  • Type: To highlight acts that are more easily recognizable as racist, incidents with blatant and often intentional racism are selected over those due to systemic racism. This is not intended to minimize the impacts of systemic racism; the recommended actions and supported organizations work to reduce both blatant and systemic racism.
  • Scope: Incidents are selected across a wide range of impact, from individual and personal encounters through large-scale disenfranchisement.
  • Frequency: To give enough time for a high level of response to each incident, the goal is to highlight from 1-4 incidents per month. Incidents that reach the national news outlets will take priority. Incidents prior to launch (November 2019) have a much lower frequency than incidents after launch.
  • Timeliness: OutLove Racism tries to include events on the site as soon as we hear about them. To avoid highlighting incidents that turn out to be false, we usually wait until the story is reported from multiple sources. If you don’t see a national incident on the site that you expect to see, try checking back the next day — hopefully we will have picked it up by then.

In keeping with responding in love, the summary descriptions focus on the impact of the incident rather than calling out the offenders by name or affiliation for their shame and punishment.